Improving Cat Food Taste-How to Make Your Cat Like Her Healthy Food

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To be able to own a healthier cat, you've decided to improve your cat's food diet after much pondering and discussion together with your veterinary. But knowing that you own a finicky and choosy cat, you wonder if you have anything you can do to simply help your cat likes its n

First, you must introduce the foodstuff slowly and steadily, sudden and abrupt changes can force even the absolute most simple to please cat reject her food for each day or two even if she's hungry. This is actually the last thing you need because experts feel that the starved cat are at a higher threat of developing fatty liver disease, and the fatter the cat, the higher the risk.

Apart some a gradual change of food, here are a listing of things you can do to boost the taste of one's cat's new food:

  1. Add a rush of salt.

  2. Food with a solid odor is enticing. Mix only a little odiferous cat food or some meat baby food (no onions!).

  3. Add some moistened cat treats.

  4. Change the texture slightly, if it is ground, then add meat chunks, raw meat, or fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna).

  5. Mix a teaspoon of old food, or change out old food, food left out loses preferred odor and texture.

  6. Add heated water, homemade beef or chicken broth and warm the dish in the microwave or by steaming. whiskas cat food review in bangladesh

  7. Try adding a different flavor or formula or add only a little canned food with beef tallow in it. Mix different consistencies - wet and dry, canned pumpkin, minced sardines, tuna or clam juice.