How Ibiza nightlife plans to return safely this summer

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More than a year after dancing stopped in Ibiza, the middle of 2021 sees a glimmer of hope. DJ Mag’s man on the White Isle, Mick Wilson, talks to some of the promoters and venue owners about how reopening is shaping up

For over 30 years, Ibiza has been at the forefront of dance music tourism, but when Covid-19 entered our lives, life on the White Isle came to a grinding halt. Events were cancelled and clubs and venues were forced to close, due to tight lockdown restrictions enforced across Ibiza. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought serious upheaval to the island’s economic and social fabric: the restrictions were some of the strictest in Europe, and the local economy has suffered heavily.

For many residents, the past 12 months have been some of the hardest that they’ve had to endure, and those working in the nightlife industry have particularly suffered. Few venues attempted to stay open, which effectively meant that the entire 2020 nightlife season was cancelled.

Now, there appear to be glimmers of hope for Ibiza. On 8th June, the government announced that nightclubs will be able to reopen this summer, with dancing until 3am — a stop-gap for the typically all-night-long season, but a welcome one nevertheless.

Across Europe, different countries have started to explore how live events can safely take place: the UK, Netherlands and mainland Spain have all run pilot events in recent months, some of them with very promising results. This April and May, 13,000 people attended various live events in Liverpool, including two club trial events hosted by Circus; of those 13,000, only 11 people reported a positive Covid test, leading organisers to determine that there was “no detectable spread” of the coronavirus from such events.